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Wartenberg Pinwheel - 10 Rows

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Medical Fetish - 10 rows Pinwheel

This stylish steel pinwheel is the perfect medical fetish accessory or sensation toy. Five pinwheels sit on two axle that allows fluid, independent movement of each wheel, but can be rolled teasingly across the skin in a five-wide row for a unique sensory experience.

Great for a tickle or a prickle, the ten headed Wartenberg Pinwheel is 10 times the pleasure (or pain)

Wartenberg Pinwheel - Medical Fetish is essential sensation play bit of kit which features ten spiked rollers for stimulating larger parts of the body, or to really stimulate the smaller ones! Rolling with gentle pressure will produce a tickling sensation while pressing harder will create sweet pain on your subs skin. Dragging the Wartenberg pinwheel sideways will scratch their skin. How do you like your sensation play?


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