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Weight Nipple clamps

Nipple clamps - Add weight

Play a cruel game of endurance with your masochist!

Use sand, stones, water, or coins to slowly increase the weight on your partner's most sensitive parts! Attach the clover clamps, known for pinching harder as they are pulled harder, to your slave's nipples, labia, or anywhere else you wish to torment!  How much weight can your plaything handle? This memorable Weight Nipple Clamps is the perfect way to take a scene to the next level of excitement!


Your disobedient slave is standing in the middle of the room, she has no idea that you have been searching for the perfect punishment for her since she enjoys spankings so much they seem to just encourage her bad behavior. You blindfold her and have her get down on all fours. 

"I have found the perfect punishment for my naughty Slave girl", you state as you get out the weighted nipple clamps. She can hear them jingling and you can tell she is nervous and excited at the sound. You place a clamp on one of her nipples and slowly let the weight of the empty bucket hang before doing the same to the other nipple. 

She moans in pleasure, not knowing what is to come. You then give your Slave a nice smack on her ass to get the buckets swinging, eliciting another moan from her lips. Once the buckets slow to a stop you start to add coins to each bucket, weighing them down and causing them to pull and pinch harder and harder on her nipples. You continue to slowly add coins until her moans of pleasure slowly turn to wimpers of pain mixed with pleasure. 

At that point you move behind her and start to spank her ass setting the buckets swinging on her nipples. Each slap on her ass brings the desired yelp a punishment should elicit. She won't be some prone to misbehavior after this punishment.



Material: Aluminum, steel.