Chastity board game - Oxy-shop


V1 of Game Rules (Open for suggestions)!

The aim of "Mistress of Fate" is to generate daily tasks and scenarios related to chastity play and BDSM themes, setting the tone for the day and engaging players in a dynamic of control and submission.

For Couples & Solo Players. 


A chastity cage ready to be used 


1 X Standard Numbered Die (for duration)

1 X Time Frame Die (H= Hours, D= Days, W= Weeks)

1 X Color Die (for card selection and special actions)

60 X Reward Cards

60 X Punsihments Cards


1) Prepare the Decks: Separate the 60 rewards Cards and 60 punishment Cards into two distinct decks. Shuffle each deck thoroughly.

2) Dice Introduction: Place the three dice (Standard Numbered, Time Frame, and Color) within easy reach of all players.

Game Play:

1) Daily Roll: Every morning, the player (or one player, if in a couple) rolls all three dice simultaneously.

          Standard Numbered Die: Determines the duration magnitude to be locked in chastity. 
          Time Frame Die: Specifies the duration unit on how long you will be locked (Hours, Days, or Weeks).

           Action Die: Indicates which deck to draw from or a special action:

Green: Draw a Reward Card.
Red: Draw a Punishment Card.
Red+Green: Draw one card from each deck.
Unlock: No task is assigned, and any ongoing chastity play is paused or ended for the day.

Card Implementation:

Execute the Task: The player reads and implements the task described on the card(s). If both a Reward and Punishment card are drawn:

- Implement both tasks in a way that they can coexist throughout the set duration, or

- Prioritize the task on the Punishment Card if they conflict.

Examples of Cards:

Reward Cards:

"You have earned a relaxing testicles massage tonight."

"You have earned a dinner of your choosing"

Punishment Cards:

"Wear a discreet item of your partner’s choosing."

"No cumming for a week - This card can't be canceled"

Ending the Game:

The game does not have a traditional end point and can be played continuously, fostering ongoing dynamics of control, submission, and anticipation.