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How to choose the best male chastity device?

Before ordering a restraint accessory on our website, read the  instructions on how to measure the perfect fit. There are many things to consider if you want to get the most out of your role-playing experience. For example, you should choose the type of material and a  chastity lock, the right diameter of the main ring, the length of the cage, and additional options like a catheter or an anti-slip ring. 

Apart from having a great selection of products, we also please our customers with fair prices. At Oxy Shop, you can buy not only quality but alsocheap chastity devices. We also offer regular discounts, so you will never overpay for the desired item.

Don’t miss a chance to teach your naughty slave a good lesson and maximize your pleasure from dominance with our cock cages and full belts!

The Chastity Key Safe - Games & Keyholding Service
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The Chastity Key Safe - Games & Keyholding Service
from $13.90
Holy Trainer Chastity - Discreet chastity cage-Oxy-shop
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Resine Cock Cage - 4 Colors
$24.50 $28.90
Most Comfortable Male Chastity device-Oxy-shop
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CH09 - 1.77''/45mm to 2.95''/75mm -/ 3 Sizes
from $42.90
Tiny Chastity cage 🔐-Oxy-shop
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CH33 - Short - 1.77''/45mm - Catheter Option
from $38.90
Holy Trainer V3 nano Steel Version @69$-Oxy-shop
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HT V3 Steel Nano Chastity Cage
Sissy Chastity training Ring 🔐-Oxy-shop
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Chastity Training ring - Locking Double Cock ring
from $29.90
Chastity Cage & Scrotum Sleeve -Oxy-shop
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Resine Cage + Scrotum Sleeve
$36.90 $49.90
★Spare part Integrated lock for chastity cages-Oxy-shop
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★Spare part - Padlock
Urethral Chastity Cage-Oxy-shop
Quick View
CH07 - Short or Medium with Urethral spout
from $44.50