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What does a glans ring do? 

Unlike regular cock and ball rings, a glans ring is a type of penis jewelry worn right under the head of your penis. This penis head ring stimulates the frenulum of your penis to enhance sensitivity and arousal and makes your manhood look bigger and sexier.

Once you put on this cock jewelry, you’ll feel a slight pressure on the glans of your penis, making it more sensitive to the touch. Since it’s the most sensitive part of your penis with countless nerve endings, imagine all the enhanced arousal and pleasure you’ll feel! Not only does it give a little tug on the head, it also allows you to feel more warmth and wetness during a flesh on flesh action.

There are several styles of glans rings you can wear. One of the most popular ways to wear it is to sport a heavy ring beneath the head to generate pleasurable traction on the penis. Our stainless steelheavy rings are perfect for this. They effectively lengthen your pole, creating a visually impressive "hang", along with a very compelling tug. If heavier traction is desired, one or more additional penis rings can bestacked on the shaft

Glans rings are not only for vanity or solo play. Since a glans ring puts pressure on your penis head, it makes it look larger and enhances internal pleasure for the receiver during vaginal penetration. At certain angles, it also works as a clitoral stimulator as the friction against cold steel creates a pleasurable sensation. So think about your partner when you buy Oxy Glans rings, you are doing them a favor ;)

How to put on a glans ring? 

To put on a glans ring, apply a generous amount of water-based lube and glide the ring over your flaccid penis, allowing it to rest just under your penis head. It should feel comfortably snug, but not too tight that it restricts blood flow. Place it so that it strokes your frenulum for spine-tingling pleasure. If you’re wearing a glans ring with balls, you can also experiment by positioning the balls on the top or underside of your penis to find the most satisfying fit for you.

How to measure for a glans ring? 

It’s important that your cock ring jewelry fits you comfortably. This means that you need to find the best size for yourself by measuring before you buy. Remember, cock rings go at the base of your penis whereas glans rings go just underneath the head of your penis. So make sure you measure the correct part of your shaft. Glans rings are almost always smaller than cock rings. 

The easy way to measure the penile glans for a glans ring fitting is by making use of marking pen, string, and ruler. You should measure your cock in both states: flaccid and erect.

Take a string and get the circumference of your cock by going around it. Mark the string with a pen and measure with a ruler. Divide the measurement you get by 3.14 and you’ll have your inner diameter size. You can round it up or add a couple of decimals so the ring is not as tight.

Ideas on how to use glans rings 

A shiny stainless steel glans ring will make your crown jewels look irresistible without having to go through the pain of a cock piercing. A glans ring sits nicely under your penis head, producing a very striking sight even when you are fully flaccid or partially erect. Just like any body jewelry, our wide range of different styles of high quality glans rings allow you to change up the look of your penis whenever you like.

There are a few other ways you can dress up your penis:

Combine them with other rings
You could wear a conventional cock ring behind the cock and balls, one or more rings (even vibrating cock rings) on the shaft or at its base, and finally a glans ring. Such combinations often result in a truly powerful erection, while providing continuous stimulation, allowing for a prolonged session of pleasure and performance.

Combine with urethral play

It helps to keep penis plugs inside the penis, as they often slip out at the worst moment and you’re like “damn, if only I had a glans ring”. A glans ring provides additional stimulation while you enjoy your urethral sounding. A great combination that can bring incredible orgasms.

Combine with CBT

Love pain? Wear ourspiked glans ringwith 6 spikes to dig into your tender skin while your mistress screws them tight enough to inflict some pleasurable pain.