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What is a BDSM collar? 

In the BDSM community, a BDSM collar is worn to signify a submissive or slave status in a relationship. Like fashion accessories, these collars are made with different materials such as leather, rubber, PVC, satin and stainless steel.  The collars can also be embellished with spikes, studs, rings, buckles or padlocks.

The standard sub collar is usually made of black leather with a metal ring attached to allow the use of restraints. Some submissives wear aBDSM locking collar to emphasize the transfer of power to the dominant who holds the key.

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What is collaring someone? 

Collaring someone means that you’re cementing your dominant position in a BDSM relationship by giving the submissive their collar. Once your sub wears it, they are now collared. In some communities, official collaring ceremonies are conducted, where a collar is given to the submissive.

What symbols to wear in BDSM? 

The BDSM community practises these 3 stages of collaring:

  • Collar of consideration

Originating from the Old Guard Leather Community, the collar of consideration is offered by the dom to show his/her interest in the potential sub. By accepting the collar, the sub shows that the interest is mutual. The traditional collar of consideration is a thin blue leather choker, and wearing it signifies that the sub is not available during the period of consideration and should not be pursued by any dom. However, the sub can remove the collar and end the BDSM relationship anytime they want.

  • Training collar

In this second stage of collaring, the training collar is an agreement between a dom and a sub to teach and learn. During this time, the dom and sub will explore each other’s needs, desires and limits further to find out if they’re a good match. This can be done by engaging in long conversations about sexual expectations or light BDSM. The training collar is traditionally made of red or black leather. 

  • Slave collar
    After passing the first 2 stages, the sub is now officially the slave of the dom who will offer him/her the slave collar. This final stage of the BDSM relationship is permanent and in some cases can only be ended by the dom. We have a range of slave collar for BDSM, which includesBDSM collar and leash, as well as alocking collar for BDSM and ametal BDSM collar both made of stainless steel.

Other types of kink collars include a wolf collar, much like ourPuppy Spiked Collar perfect for BDSM pet play or a posture collar like ourHeretics Fork Collar which is worn to maintain the sub’s posture and keep the slave’s chin held high. The length of the fork is adjustable so you can force your slave’s chin as far back as you like. Any attempt to break the posture will result in the sadistic double-ended prong digging into the tender flesh of their neck and chest. 

Wear a BDSM collar in public 

These days, slave collars are trendy and many people who aren’t in BDSM relationships wear them in public without being aware of the significance behind these collars. However, if you’re in a BDSM relationship and you want to be more discreet about your kink, you can wear a BDSM day collar which looks simple enough to wear in public. 

For submissive women, a day collar can be our premiumbell choker which comes with a cute little bell pendant, which looks innocent enough to wear to date night or a party. If you want something that looks a little more classic and unisex, you can go with ourMsoul choker with O ring, a leather BDSM collar for men and women. 

Thebowtie choker can be a male collar that male subs can wear with their shirts and suits to the office. Disguised as some of the many fashion accessories out there, these day collars look innocuous enough to keep your kink your dirty little secret from gossipy co-workers.