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A ball stretcher weight is a sex toy that is used to elongate the scrotum and provide a feeling of weight pulling the testicles away from the body. This can be particularly enjoyable for the wearer as it can make an orgasm more intense, as testicles are prevented from moving up. Intended to make one's testicles permanently hang much lower than before (if used regularly for extended periods of time). Ball stretchers can also be used to treat testicular retraction, and provide many advantages to the wearer



The term "ball stretcher" makes somehow people unfamiliar with it cringe. Actually, these toys are not something used for pain or punishment, but pleasure. They surround the loose skin of the man's scrotum and move the testicles lower and away from the body. stretching the skin downward, the testicles are put in unfamiliar territory, and as such sensations of them rubbing against the inner thighs is both novel and stimulating. Additionally, since the skin of the scrotum is stretched taught, the many nerve receptors in the skin are pushed to the surface and makes them more sensitive and thus "more fun".Baffled by Testicles stretching? Not really got a grip on the concept? It takes real balls to give it a go!


I’m going to go ahead and say it. Ball stretching is good for your health. Here are just some of the benefits of testicle stretching: Increased testosterone levels - regular hand contact and stretching of the testis can increase blood flow to the area and assist Leydig cells in testosterone production. Greater sexual health -In Tantric and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) it is high recommended to do manual ball exercises (or use your ball weight) for several minutes a day for better sexual health and well-being. Greater endurance in bed - ball stretchersput a pressure on your scrotum, which trains your balls to adapt Prolonged Orgasms -Testicle stretchers prevent your balls from retracting upwards when you reach or approach orgasm. Many find that this prolongs it and increases the intensity of the orgasm. More attractive well hung look - let’s be honest, two large ripe low hanging balls is a great look that many dream of achieving. It just feels so right -put one of these bad boys on and you’ll realise that they feel awesome as they tug your scrotum and stretch out your ball sack.


the ball stretcher weight has to be tight enough or else the stretcher would slip off. At the same time, you don’t want it to be too tight. For most men, the ball stretcher diameter should be about 75 to 80% of their ball diameter. Anything smaller than that, and it may be too tight for you to wear. With this in mind, measure around your sack just above your balls with a tape measure or a string to get the circumference. Then divide that by 3.14 to get the inside diameter Then convert your inches measurement to millimetres


Use a lotion on your testicles. It will make the scrotum moist, relaxed and less likely to contract. Better use a body cream or body lotion than personal lubricant. We especially recommend lotion which contains cocoa butter – Works wonder! Also, the lube will ensure that the ball weight sits comfortably. Warmth and relaxation is very important for successful balls stretching. A hot shower will make your balls relaxed and ready to hang, just before wearing a stretcher. However, it’s important to dry your skin thoroughly. Never put on any stretching devices on a wet skin – it can lead to infections. Tips: If you use a Steel Testicle stretcher weight, it is important to warm it before wearing by running them under hot water. Wear comfortable underwear that makes you warm enough. Do not let the breeze get to your testicles! Massage your testicles from time to time. When you are out, use a few minutes to go to the bathroom and gently massage your balls in the stretcher. Pay special attention to testicles themselves and the lower part of your scrotum


Please always consult a doctor before starting any treatments. IF you experience painful, swollen, and/or inflated testicles, a doctor should be consulted before going any further. You can stop your balls retracting by simple wearing an Oxy Ball stretcher. It will secure the balls around a Steel ring which will prevent them to go back inside. Finding the perfect ball weight (or ball weights) for yourself is the most important: a testicle stretcher needs to fit you perfectly for the best and most comfortable results. When used correctly, ball weights are effective devices and wearing them can be very satisfying, both physically and emotionally. Again, it’s very useful to take medical advice before you choose to experiment with ball stretching. It is advised to not have sexual intercourse for several days after starting the treatment. Make the stretch gently without bruising tense cords.
All devices are certified 100% Non-Magnate, hand polished and 316L medical-grade steel >> No rust and durable smooth Steel
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