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Find the right size for your chastity

Before beginning your chastity training, the first and most important step is finding the right size. Ourchastity beginner set is designed to help first timers find the most comfortable fit.

Training rings are the best way to get used to a chastity device. All chastity rings offer a 3 rings size option, which allows you to play around and move on to next chastity stage in your training. 


How to get used to a chastity cage?

If you’re reading this, you’re probably new to chastity cage training. Luckily for you, we’ve got some tips for chastity for beginners to help you get used to wearing the device. Getting yourself accustomed to wearing a male chastity device doesn’t happen overnight. To get yourself ready for a caged cock, follow this chastity guide:

  • Think about why you masturbate
    Are you a sex addict? Have you been compulsively masturbating too often and it’s shifting your focus away from other priorities in life? Write down the reasons you masturbate and what you could accomplish in your day-to-day life without the distraction.

  • Surrender control to a mistress/dom
  • If you’re married, you can have your wife/husband assume the role of your mistress so you can undergo husband chastity training. Let her set daily tasks for you to complete while you wear a chastity. If you’re in a relationship, you can do the same with your girlfriend/boyfriend for femdom chastity training. The mistress/dom will hold the key to your chastity training device. If you’re single, sign up for an online chastity training course with a virtual mistress. Let your dom tease and deny you with your locked cock.

  • Have patience
  • You’ll be woken up by your nighttime erections a few times throughout the night. This is completely normal and you just need patience and ways to make your cock flaccid again while wearing a cage.

    Making chastity enforcement real. How to get ready for permanent chastity?

    Ready for more than a few days of chastity? Make sure you have a chastity cage meant for long term chastity as you increase your number of days in chastity. Our stainless steel devices like thishinged ring chastity training device orlocking double cock ring gives you a feeling of a cock ring mixed with an open chastity cage. Hygiene maintenance with these chastity cock rings will be easier than a full fledged chastity cage that wraps around your penis. 

    Sissy chastity training, step by step

    Mistresses and doms, want to train your sub to be your sissy slave? A slave that’s worthy of being called sissy will require him to forget any ‘macho-man’ desires still lingering inside of him. From man to boy, boy to feminized male, the steps to becoming a true sissy are quite simple. A true sissy is no longer a real man, but a chastised sissy maid. 

    What does it mean? It means he no longer has any dominance power and is ready to serve and obey his mistress/master. His only role is to perform the duties of a sissy maid and do what he’s told. Here’s how:

    Step 1:

    Start by making him wear a chastity cage and hand over sexual control to you, his keyholder. The keyholder can be a real person with which you have a relationship with or a “virtual” mistress willing to keep the keys.

    Step 2:

    Remove all body hair. As a sissy, he’ll have to start shaving his body hair, wear sexy lingerie, a wig, and makeup to become feminine and sexy as a true woman. He has to see himself as female and not only as an effeminate man. Let the transformation occur.

    Step 3:

    Be willing to get pegged. Is he begging to be released from his cage? Not until he lets you peg him first. If he refuses, simply leave his cock locked and walk away until he relents. This will force him to choose pegging. After he makes his choice and agrees to pegging, remove his cage and allow him to masturbate and cum while being pegged. 


    “Please mistress, unlock my cock. Haven’t I been such a good sissy slave,” I plead. “There’s one last thing I want you to do,” she tells me. “You have to allow me to peg you.”

    Well, I didn’t see this coming. Surprised and slightly scared, I can’t find the words to say. I’ve never been pegged before, but the need for my cock to be free is bigger than the fear of having my anal virginity taken. I agree to her demand with some apprehension and honestly, I can feel my cock starting to throb and swell from the mixture of fear and anticipation.

    “Good girl,” she says as she unlocks my cage and I get into position. After wearing her strap-on, she lubes up the dildo and slowly slides it in my ass. I gasp at how good it actually feels and start moaning with each thrust, feeling my cock arriving at a full erection. And her final instruction: “Now masturbate while I fuck you in the ass until you cum.”