An anal or vaginal hook is a metal hook with a loop on one end and often a ball on the other end. The loop is on the longer end of the hook and the shorter end is inserted into the sweet holes. As a restraint device, it can be hooked up to ropes and other bondage equipment, making sure it keeps a strong hold on its wearer. The tightness of the rope can then be adjusted to punish or reward the wearer. Used also for bondage scenes.Whatever the design of your anal bondage hook, they are most often made of surgical grade stainless steel, which helps with keeping them clean and sanitized.



There is growing popularity within the BDSM community for incorporating the use of anal and vaginal hooks into BDSM play. Couples who want to combine the visual and sexual pleasure of rope and anal play would find the Anal Hook an ideal item to add to their collection. Anal bondage hooks are great for women and men alike, but they’re especially good for stimulating the prostate in men. One way to use anal hooking devices is to fully inserted into the ass, loop the rope through the O-ring and then use the rope to tie to the body. Once you have securely tied the rope to the body you do then tie off on something else.You can use it in any scenario you’d be using a but plug or dildo. Hooks have a multitude ways and use, Oxy gives you some creative ideas to hook up your BDSM play with anal and vaginal hooks.-Tie up some ropes on the ceiling and use a Shibari ring to pull up the ropes with a hook attached to it. Of course the hook shall be insert into your sub anus. However, never suspend a person by an anal hook, only use the ropes to put pressure.- Tie hair to the metal loop, or use longer length of bondage rope to close the gap.-Wear a harness with multiple D rings running down the spine and choose the perfect height for tying the hook off.-Tie a length of bondage rope through the metal hook and feed each end of the rope under the slave’s arms, across the chest, over the opposite shoulder, so it looks like they’re wearing a bondage rucksack. The rope can be pulled as tightly as desired without any pressure on the neck or throat


While many anal hooks are very similar in design, there is some variety available at Oxy, so you can find the exact one that tickles your fancy. Nearly all will follow the basic U or J shape, and be made of stainless steel. - Hooks with a Ball on the insertion end. One piece of solid steel to fulfil your desires.-Hooks with multiples balls. These balls are removable so you can buy larger or smaller sizes if you prefer. They screw on to the end of the hook so will remain very secure during use as long as you screw them on correctly. -No ball at the insertion end. This Vaginal/Ass Hook does not have a detachable ball on the insertion end, but the steel bar is rounded off for safety and comfort.-Vaginal / Anal Bondage devices: Those toys are meant to be used together with rope play. To fill up the open holes with cold hard steel during Bondage sessions.


What is the difference with a butt plug & why would you bother with a anal hook? Heavy Duty cold hard steel is a reason. Where many butt plugs are flexible and adapt to the inside of your butt, anal hooks don’t. The position you place them in will dictate exactly how restrictive they will be, but the idea is that rather than adapting to your body and movement, the hook will force you to stay much more still.The real draw of anal hooks is something for more experienced BDSM users. Being able to tie rope to the end of the hook makes them a huge favorite amongst people interested in bondage or shibari suspension. When you wear a hook as part of a bondage session, you completely surrender yourself to the whims of the master.To some, using an anal hook is viewed as a kind of final test. Having the hook inside you while being tied into certain positions can make it difficult to even make slight movements without experiencing discomfort at best, and pain at worst. To let another tie you in this way is an act of complete trust in both your partner, to be completely in control of your body, and in yourself, to be able to stay so still for extended periods of time.Even if you aren’t in the mood for some complete submission, an appropriately tied set of bondage ropes used with an anal hook can still be a lot of fun..


These devices have been around for longer than you might expect. The bondage hook, like many BDSM toys, adds an element of discomfort or pain to a willing bottom/victim, but medieval torture devices were used to injure and maim. In many cases, they were used to kill. Some medieval torture devices slightly resemble anal hooks, BDSM toys, dungeon furniture, and bondage equipment. However, these devices –unlike today's BDSM gear– were not used for playing with a lover behind closed doors, or submissive at a play party. They were used to humiliate and torture the victims to death as punishment for crimes committed or the torturers sadistic amusement. Although we don’t use these types of torture devices anymore, we can still get deliciously sadistic ideas to use in fun ways in the bedroom.


Quite a personal question as everyone is different, but if you enjoy anal penetration, you will most probably enjoy the use of an anal hook. Compare to butt plus or dildos, anal hooks won’t fill you up in quite the same way, and won’t stretch anything. It will all depend on the ball to and the tightness of the pull to give that extra stimulation. Different hooks come with different ball sizes, shapes and will feel similar as using anal beads, after each ball passes the sphincter you’ll probably feel a bit of a pop as the sphincter returns to normal. Experimenting with inserting and removing your hook may prove quite pleasurable, as you’ll be constantly stimulating the sensitive nerve endings around the anus. For men, the balls on the end of the hooks can also give you some fantastic stimulation of the prostate. Even just having it in while doing other things, or during sex, can give men a fantastic bit of stimulation on the gland. Some lucky guys are even able to experience orgasm solely from prostate stimulation, although if this is your aim you’ll probably be better off with a prostate massager rather than an anal hook. You can incorporate temperature play and warm up the hook before insertion, or putting it into the freezer for some cold hook ups.


Those devices are less forgiving than many other anal toys because they are rigid and inflexible. A sharp jerk or fast pull on the hook has the potential to do a lot of damage. So, why not do a little fishing first to find out what works? Introduce your new BDSM tackle during a soft/moderate scene to determine what works best and how the hook fits the slave’s body. Discuss with each other how it feels in various different positions so that when you move onto something a little more hardcore you don’t inadvertently do some damage. As always, communication is key.What to do to be safe: - Have a safe word & use if necessary. This is a word which you are unlikely to say during your session, but if any member of the involved group say it then everything must stop immediately. Any reason for this is fine, be it pain, psychological, comfort, whatever, just be sure you have a safe word in place before you begin, and that you trust the people you’re with to respect this. -Stop if you experience any hard pain. If too much pressure is places on the anal muscles by the hook, its a really easy way to get a tear and have to take a trip to the emergency room.-Make sure all edges are rounded and smooth -Choose a hook with a ball on the end – this helps to keep the ball in place and distributes pulling/tugging over a larger area -Clean toy thoroughly after use


Like any other sex toys, anal hooks must be cleaned up after each session. Not only is it vital for preventing the spread of germs and bacteria, it also reduces the risk of infection and ensures that toys live long and prosper. As Anal hooks are made of Stainless steel, the easiest way is to boil them. Once dry, be sure to store them properly so they cannot become contaminated between uses.You can also wash them with soapy water or sex toy cleaners.