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What are Kali’s teeth? 

They are a spiked chastity device meant for cock and ball torture. The spiked chastity ring consists of 2 rows of screwable spikes/”teeth” that will inflict pain on your member whenever you have an erection as the screws dig into the skin of your cock. There are 3 levels of intensity: mild, intense, or severe. The spikes screws can be tightened for as much pain as you’re comfortable with or loosened if it’s beyond anything you can tolerate.

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Kali's Teeth bracelet - 4 rows - CBT device
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★Spare part - Spare Long teeth for "Kali's Teeth"
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Kalis Teeth - Cock and Ball torture toy -Oxy-shop
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Kali's Teeth with Attached weight - 4 Rows Long - K06A
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Chastity Device Key Container - Emergency key lock
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Chastity Key Containers - Emergency escape  and long term goals
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Chastity Key Containers - Emergency escape and long term goals

The closure consists of 2 overlapping rings through which to secure the fastening with the supplied padlock (3 keys). Each of the 18 teeth are 10mm long, with a spiky tip – spiky but not sharp. There’s also16mm-long Kali’s teeth for a longer, sharper and tighter bite. You also get a little screwdriver with which to adjust the teeth. The screws are removable by either screwing all the way through to drop out inside the ring, or to retract to the outside of the ring.

The Kali’s teeth chastity device is popular with users who are into femdom The wearers enjoy the sensation of the pinch on their dick caused by the Kali’s teeth bracelet whenever blood surges to their cock. The cock biting gives wearers mixed feelings of fear and excitement as they’re being teased by their mistress.

What is the idea behind spiked chastity? 

Spiked chastity is basically an erection punishment and prevention device. A step up from chastity cages, spiked chastity causes great discomfort and even pain for some whenever an erection occurs. The longer you have an erection, the longer you’ll have to suffer the punishment. When wearing Kali’s teeth, you’re forced to go flaccid as fast as possible, and trained to avoid arousal and fear your erections. 

For some people, Kali’s teeth femdom is a form of erotic sexual stimulation. Instead of pain, wearers get a strangely pleasant feeling at the thought of their penis being teased to erection to feel the teeth biting into the skin of their penis, and having their penis disciplined by their mistress. 

Ideas of CBT punishments with Kali’s teeth 

Kali’s teeth have sharper screw points compared to Tom’s spikes. Kali’s teeth are a more effective CBT device for experienced pain lovers as the sharper screw points can dig deeper into your flesh and inflict more pain while the blunt ends of Tom’s spikes are for CBT beginners. Not satisfied with the gentle bite of Tom’s spikes? Use Kali’s teeth instead!

For CBT punishments, mistresses can do the following:

  • Tease your sub to erection, increase tightness of the screws and watch him gasp in fear
  • If the bracelet is loose enough, move the ring forward slightly to make him feel the shift of the spikes against his cock. Then tighten it until it can’t be moved.
  • Continuous teasing and sexual denial. Watch him get erect and flaccid over and over again until he begs for mercy.

How to use a Kali’s teeth CBT tool?  

A ball stretching, penis control, slave training and cock torture device all wrapped up in one brutall stainless steel package, Kali’s teeth will give your slave the forms of punishment he deserves. Mistresses, are you thinking of ways to punish your sub with Kali’s teeth? Here’s how:

Effective chastity device
Place it around the shaft of his penis. When he gets an erection the pointed teeth will dig into his most sensitive flesh.

Spiked cock ring

Place it around the base of the cock and balls and lock it up with a padlock.

Ball stretcher
Wrapp theKali’s teeth with attached weight around the scrotum of the testicles to let them hang low.

Kali’s teeth review 

Our Kali’s teeth have served many happy customers. Here are some of their reviews:

Great quality for half the price elsewhere”

“Fits perfect. Fast shipping, very heavy made, very painful and uncomfortable when used but in good ways depending on what likes”

“A strangely pleasant feel as there is the sense that my penis is firmly under control.”=

“Happy is rewarded with extreme pain. It'll buckle you over. For sessions or discipline it's about as tough as I've seen.”