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What are sissy pads? 

Whether you’re a male-identifying, non-binary sissy crossdresser or a trans woman who hasn’t gone through bottom surgery, sissy pads can transform your body, giving you a more authentic feminine figure and the illusion of possessing a transgender vagina.

Sissy pads are essentially silicone vagina pants that are worn like underwear after tucking the penis tightly between the legs or come with a male chastity cage to lock the penis in. The sissy chastity device is hidden behind an outer layer of silicone pad with an artificial vagina for achieving the look of a biological woman.

Why do crossdressers wear fake vaginas? 

Designed to imitate female genitalia, fake vaginas are worn by crossdressers to bring their sissy fantasies to life. However, they’re not the only ones who wear fake vaginas. Pre-surgery trans women or even drag queens may want to wear them too. The whole purpose of wearing prosthetic vaginas is to achieve the look and feel of a real woman.

Fake vaginas or sissy pads are also great for cosplay and Halloween, and can add some spice to your sex life especially when you’re in the mood for a gender reversal roleplay. 

While you’re thinking about purchasing one, you should consider what you want out of it. Here are some factors most wearers will mention:

  • Appearance 
  • Comfort when worn (softness, feel and fit)
  • Functionality (penetrability, can you pee while wearing it)
  • Can it work as a gaff to tuck
  • Value for money

Types of sissy pads

Our soft cushioning sissy pads give you the ability to switch up the look of your sissy vagina with a fake camel toe, while your cock is kept out of bounds in a cage. Before long, you’ll forget you even have a penis.

Other varieties of fake vaginas on the market include camel toe panties made of spandex and cotton that you wear after tucking your penis between your legs with duct tape as drag queens do. There are also sissy pads that allow you to sit down and pee like a real woman, while others even have a penetrable pocket pussy with pubic hair that looks amazingly convincing.

There are 2 types of sissy panties. One is worn over the fake vagina pad like any other ladies’ underwear. Other sissy panties are more forgiving, especially for men and transgender women who don’t want to tuck. The frilly lacy satin panties come with a front pouch to accommodate the penis. With the sissy panties on, you’re on your way to becoming an almost-real woman, even with fake female genitals.

Sissy Training

In the BDSM world, submissive men crossdressing or undergoing forced feminization is a form of erotic humiliation that brings sexual arousal. For beginners, the sissy sub may go through sissy training with his dom and learn how to adopt feminine behaviors and perform feminine activities. 

These activities performed as part of a sissy training can range from non-sexual acts, such as housekeeping or applying makeup, to sexual acts such as performing oral sex on the Dominant or being anally penetrated.

Shaving off body hair is also a common element of sissy training as it helps transform the male body into one that appears more feminine. In some extreme cases, trained sissies will take hormone therapy pills or get breast implants to make their bodies more feminine as part of their transformation.

How to be a real sissy? 

There’s no one way to be a sissy. Putting on a sissy panties pad is only one step to becoming a real sissy. If you’re willing to go the extra mile to fully transform yourself without any surgery, you can feminize yourself not only below but also on top by putting on some makeup. 

You can also wear a breastplate to give yourself a well-endowed chest that bounces, and adorn your sexy feminine figure with erotic lingerie over your prosthetic breasts and crossdresser vagina. Not sure where to buy a breastplate? Ask your local drag queen!

Finally, part of being a real sissy also means being a slave for your master/mistress and doing their bidding. To complete the feminization process, put on some sissy bondage gear like a pink collar with leash, ballgag, handcuffs and strut around the house in stilettos.

Now that you’re a real woman, get ready to bend over and let your dom fuck you like the sissy whore you are!

Caring for your fake vagina

Like real vaginas, fake ones need some tender loving care and hygiene maintenance too. Clean and wash it like you would with any silicone sex toy and metal chastity cage. Wipe down the inner and outer parts of the silicone sissy pads with disinfecting wet wipes and wash the cock cage with soap.