Oxy revolutionizes and reshapes the chastity and BDSM world. 
We are offering to the public a custom made chastity cage produced in house by our team of designers at an extremely affordable price. 
Made of sturdy Nylon material, this cage is solid, unbreakable, and also one of the most comfortable we ever made. 

The full set cage includes a cock ring, a cage tube, and an integrated lock. 

The standard cage design of The Guardian  is used as base, we adjust and print to your size for a perfect fit! 

3D printed in a nylon material with a matte finish and slight grainy feel. Solid and sturdy, it fits short term sessions and long terms wear. Can be used in the shower. 


Measuring needs to be done several times during the day and then average out. Measure while you are flaccid. 

Total Cage Length:Measure with a ruler from your body to the top while holding your flaccid penis parallel to the ground / vertical to your body. Remove 1/4 inch or 6mm from this measure. 

Shaft inside diameter:Measure with a tapeline around the penis shaft - tighten just a little. Divide by 3.14 to get the diameter and add an extra 0.11 inch or 11mm

Base Ring Size: Take an inextensible cord, tighten it around your penis and balls, so you can put only one finger beneath it. Take the length of this segment.

Alternatively, you can measure with a dressmakers tape.  Divide by 3.14 and get the diameter. 

You are the sole responsible for your measurements. We do not accept returns or claims if a device does not fit. 
We will make the device with a possible deviation from 1 to 5 mm depending on device. 

Every Guardian custom chastity cage is designed and made to order. Please allow 5-20 days for this process to happen.

Please send us your requests! 

We will evaluate the demand and provide a quotation. After receiving several requests, we decided to make tailor made devices available to satisfy the unique tastes of our clientele.

  • Create a unique, personalized toy 
  • Copy an existing toy and get at a cheaper price, maintaining maximum quality of steel
  • Be creative with your desires and impress your partner 
  • Design a plan and keep costs under control 

Customised engraving is possible on every single device for only 25 USD extra

For 25 USD extra you can have any device engraved with your name (or anything else)

Custom Made chastity device
Custom Made chastity device

Please contact us at [email protected]