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What are Nipple clamps ?

One of the first sex toy you get while entering the kinky scene and improving it all along! 

Nipple clamps will give you waves of orgasmic sensations by squeezing and pinching this erogenous zone of yours. A bit of pain in the BDSM worlds is always enjoyable, plus it puts your partner or yourself in a submissive state of mind. More definition:wikipedia 

Nipple clamps are restricting blood flow, thus all sensations will be amplified. Even when you remove the clamps after a session, all the nerve endings will still be on the edge. Breasts and nipples are a prime erogenous zone, which you should lick, suck and pinch to achieve orgasm feel! 

Is nipples orgasm real? How to reach it? 

Harder than other orgasms, yet possible for all genders! In a proper setting and foreplay, the sensitivity will increase. Do not start by twisting nipples straight away, start by a full body massage and light touch on breasts and nipples. 

Gently massage the breasts and circle around the nipples. Add some intensity depending of your body reaction. Add some sucking and licking with the tip of the tongue, and you are ready for the best nipple stimulation! 

The data don’t lie: 

Manipulation of the nipples/breasts causes or enhances sexual arousal in approximately 82% of young women and 52% of young men with only 7–8% reporting that it decreased their arousal. Source:Medical journal 

How to use nipple clamps? 

The variety offered by nipple clamps is vast, some are stretching, twisting, some are pinching, some are even crushing breast. Depending on your toy, it is safe to say that it will hurt mostly when you are putting it on or removing. Some niple clamps come with a chain, to which you can add weights - those one’s will be felt during the all session.  

Some clamps can adjust the tightness, so you can really try and see how you feel.  

As doctors say, no more than 20 minutes of use would be best. As it restricts blood flow, better stay on the safe side of things  

What are the different nipple play sex toys out there? 

A lot to have fun with! Bascially all will be sex toys pinching onto your nipples and leave your kinky partner hands free for other activities ;). 

  • Japanese clover clamps, also called alligator clamps are best for beginners. They have an easy opening and closing mechanism which can slightly pinch. 
  • Tweezer clamps focus the squeeze of the smallest area of the nip areola. 
  • Nipple squeezer are here to stretch and squeeze those nips and send you to another dimension of pain and pleasure
  • Beast crusher is for more advanced players which adds a solid element of bondage. 

Is it safe to use nipple clamps? 

Like everything else, BDSM play involves  risks - thus safety is extremely important! Do not use clamps more than 20min and always communicate with your partner on his level of comfort. T is a contest in stamina involving pain & pleasure. 

Can men use nipple clamps? 

Definitely ! Same as for women, nipples are erogenous zones for both sex. If there is something to grab hold of, just attach some nipple clamps to it. 

Testimonial: People experience nipple clamps. 

“I can cum from having my nipples touched and sucked on. It can’t be too rough though.. it has to be really light. It drives me crazy.I can have back to back orgasms from that alone”


“My boyfriend likes to put the chain between his teeth when he’s riding me. Any light biting or smacking (do you do boob smacking? because if you like some hurt, it’s good) is amplified.”Source:Reddit user 

“ I am a male and love playing with my nipples or when my Mistress clamps them in. Avoid expectations, only enjoy” 

Source:Nipple stimulation