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What is BDSM ball gag? 

Is your partner too loud in the bedroom and you want to shut them up? A BDSM ball gag will do just that! If you’re familiar with BDSM, you would’ve seen the traditional ball and mouth gags that you can stuff in your sub’s mouth to keep them quiet or force their mouth wide open. Typically, BDSM mouth gags are adult sex toys that come with adjustable straps and a silicone ball gag or rubber ball gag that you can fasten around your sub’s face so they’re unable to talk. Call it mouth bondage or ball gag bondage, once the mouth ball gag is in your slave’s mouth, all they can muster is a muffled moan that your nosy neighbours won’t be able to hear!

Flower Breathable submissive gag
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Flower Breathable submissive gag
Pink Lips O ring Mouth gag -Oxy-shop
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''Open it'' Mouth Gag
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Pony bit for long wear -Oxy-shop
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Pony Bit for Long Wear

Different types of ball gags 

We have a wide variety of ball gags, some which are so creative, inventive and just super sexy. Compatible with various adult games, whether it’s light BDSM, pet play or an add-on to your shibari gear or BDSM accessories, you’ll find something suitable from our collection of different gags.

  • Ball gag

The best introduction to gagging, ourpink mouth gag features breathable holes to keep the wearer comfortable. Upgrade your BDSM toy box with this bondage kit that’s pretty in pink. Made of faux leather, thisbreathable ball gag collar provides maximum comfort, perfect for kinky vegans who enjoy slavery play.

  • Dildo gags
    These 2-in-1 adventurous gags serve multiple purposes. Our“My Two Ways” dildo gagwith ball is a dildo mouth gag for male subs. Humiliate your sub by making him suck the realistic dildo while you use his body for your pleasure or put the ball in his mouth so he can use the protruding dildo for oral sex. Thisdouble mouth dildoalso serves a similar purpose, just with a bigger external dildo that allows the partner to ride on while the wearer is lying down. Mistresses, strap thispink mouth penis gag on your sissy slut boy-toy and make him suck it.

  • Open mouth gag

Force your sub’s mouth open like a gaping hole for your pleasure. You can engage in humiliation play, medical fetish play or even watersports. For an introduction to open mouth bondage, strap this prettyPink Lips “Open It” Mouth Gagon your sub. This silicone open mouth gag keeps the sub’s lips parted so you can enjoy some lip service. You can also fuck your lover’s mouth and throat while they’re wearing ourdeep throat gag andIkoky open mouth gag.

  • Head harnesses

Keep your slave subdued with thishead harness mouth gag made of leather straps that wrap around your partner’s head, and a ball gag to muffle his/her moans. Has your slave been naughty? Punish him with this“Good Boy” muzzle gagand keep him quiet. For BDSM bondage slaves that need some serious training, make them wear a face harness gag like thisspider gag. Got a wild pony? Reign it in with the leashes on thishorse harness  and saddle up for a wild ride on your beautiful pony.

  • Bit gag

For pony play, use ourbit gagthat gives your sub something soft to bite down on as they try not to make a noise. Muffle your pet’s whimpers and howls of pleasure or pain with thispony gag designed for comfort and long wear. Prefer puppy play? Strap thisbone ball gag around your pet’s mouth and assert your dominance. Train them to sit, stay or beg for their treat! For an extension to your Shibari practice, thisShibari Rope gag made of silk, cotton and hem rope will complete your Shibari look.

How to gag your sub? 

  • Beginners should use a breathable ball gag made of soft materials like silicone or rubble, with stretchy straps that are easily adjustable and removed.
  • Intermediates can move on to open mouth gags made of metal or bigger dildo gags.
  • Experts can use head harnesses or gags made of metal, leather and hem rope, such as the spider gag, deep throat gag or a Shibari rope gag.
  • You can combine your gags with other bondage restraints like a collar, a leash or nipple clamps for optimal BDSM play. The possibilities are endless! 

How to use a bondage gag safely

While BDSM is about punishment and risk, safety still comes first. Once the gag is worn, the wearer won’t be able to speak. Before gagging your sub, both of you should establish safety signals such as physical signs or actions to let the dom know it’s time to stop. The actions can be shaking of the head, tapping out with the hand, or squeezing a squeaky toy.

Wearing a gag can cause saliva buildup and breathing difficulties. Ensure that your sub is physically healthy, doesn’t have a strong gag reflex or isn’t nauseated. Vomiting when gagged can cause choking, which is dangerous. Place the wearer in a position that allows him/her to swallow their saliva easily. Never leave the wearer unattended when they’re gagged.