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How to combine anal chastity and use of a locking butt plug?

For experienced players who want to take their plug play to the next level, anal chastity plugs and locking butt plugs are perfect additions to your adult toy collection. These stainless steel butt plugs can give your sub the perfect anal stimulation in your anal play and bondage sessions. 

Keep your slave’s anal canal stretched with anass lock that opens up inside with a pull of the plunger. For bondage play, attach theanal bondage plugs to ropes or leather harnesses to keep a tight leash on your sub. All locking anal plugs are made of medical-grade stainless steel--no rust guaranteed.

A variety of high-quality metal anal locks are available for your pleasure. Pick one that fulfils your desires:

2021 App Controlled Locking Butt Plug by QIUI
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2021 App Controlled Locking Butt Plug by QIUI
from $149.00 $199.00
Butt Plug Leash Kit - Walk your sub by his ass-Oxy-shop
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''Ass on Leash'' - Walk your sub
from $36.90
Qiui mega Bundles
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Qiui mega Bundles
from $270.00 $388.00

How do locking butt plugs work?

Locking butt plugs are unisex adult toys suitable for men, women and anyone in between. Ass locks can be used in anal play to stimulate the prostate or during bondage sessions to give your sub the punishment they’re craving for.

  1. Apply lube to the butt plug and slowly insert it.
  2. Once it’s comfortably tucked deep inside, pull the plunger. The metal flower petals blossom inside to stretch the anal cavity.  
  3. Fasten it with the padlock and keys provided.

Buy an anal lock to have full control over your submissive

You hold the key to your sub’s anal chastity! You’re the only one who can unlock and remove the anal plug. 

Stuff and stretch your and your partner’s hole with the lockable butt plugs. Once the anal chastity device is inserted and the anus comfortably stretched, lock it up and you’re in total control of your sub’s pleasure. Combine it with a cock cage for double the fun!

Keep your sub on their knees withthe ultimate ass lock by using a second padlock with 2 chains attached to ankle cuffs. With the ankles restrained to the asslock plug, your slave will be shackled with no escape!


My shiny newultimate ass lock is entirely handmade and polished to perfection, and I can’t wait to use it on my sub. 

I lube up the stainless steel anal lock bondage before going to you. “Strip naked and bend over,” I ordered. You drop your underwear and get on your knees to reveal your pretty pink asshole.

I stick a lubricated finger inside, massaging your anus to prepare you for what’s to come. I insert another finger, stretching your hole wider. You moan as I stimulate your anal canal. 

“You’ve been a bad boy and I have a nasty surprise for you,” I whisper in your ear as I grab a handful of his hair. You moan in anticipation. I spank your ass and slide the butt plug bondage into your hole. You gasp with surprise, feeling the cool touch of the metal inside. 

I pull the plunger for the bulb to expand, stretching your anal cavity wider than ever before.

You hiss and moan in pleasure as the asslock fills you up. I lock up the anal plug, followed by a second padlock with ankle cuffs that keep your shackled on his knees.

“If you want my pussy, you have to beg for it,” I command. You nod desperately. “Please let me eat your pussy miss, please!”

Tips for a safe anal locking experience

  • Wash up with soap or an enema at least one to two hours or right before playing. 
  • For hygiene purposes, sanitize your plug by pouring boiling water over it or wipe it down with anti-bacterial wipes before and after using. It’s also recommended to put a condom on the ass lock before use to prevent bacterial infection.
  • Unlike the vagina, the anus doesn’t naturally produce lubricant, so apply plenty of lube on the ass lock before insertion. Avoid desensitizing lubricants so you’ll be able to stop when you feel pain.
  • Take deep breaths and massage the butt and around the anal rim to relax your muscles for easier insertion. Gently massage the anus in circular motions to stimulate the anal canal and get yourself ready for the metal butt plug.
  • Communicate with your partner on what you’re comfortable with or whether you want them to push the chastity butt plug harder inside. As with any BDSM session, use a safe word. Stop immediately if it hurts.