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ALL-IN-ONE Double Rings Ball Smasher Crusher / Stretcher / Squeezer by OXY

  • Double Rings Ball Crusher - Best CBT Device

  • This ultimate quality stainless steel ball crusher/ strectcher is a hit with all cock and ball torture fans as it comes ALL-IN-ONE. This Ball Crusher - Best CBT Device will provide a true ball torturing sensation and will be loved by all CBT connoisseurs. This ball crushers allow you or your partner to simply turn the wing nuts to increase the pleasure or pain, and stretch the balls as you desire.

  • Simply slip your scrotum between the plates and start tightening until the balls are clamped, the more you turn the more your balls are crushed. Using the nut on the outside of the outer ring, you can draw the two rings farther and farther apart.


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