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Crown Glans Ring - 29-35 gr / 1-1.2 oz

Ring Size
  • Dress up your penis like a true king with this crown glans ring. Your crown jewels will never look so authoritative as you place this crown on your head!

    What are Glans Rings?

    Glans rings are little rings that go around the head of your penis. What this does is stimulate the most sensitive part of the penis – the frenulum – and makes you feel like you’re getting a tiny tug job all day long.

    Glans Ring Fitting

    It is important to wear cock rings and glans rings that fit you comfortably. This means that you need to find the best size for yourself by measuring before you buy. Remember, cock rings go at the base of your penis whereas glans rings go around the head of your penis. So make sure you measure the right part of your shaft. Glans rings are almost always smaller than cock rings. 

    Glans Ring Specifications:

    ★ Width:        0.67" - 17.2mm

    ★ Thickness: 0.12" - 3mm

    ★ Weight:      1.03oz/1.13oz/1.23oz -29g/32g/35g

    ★ Inside Ø:    1.02"/1.1"/1.18" -26mm/28mm/30mm

    ★ Outside Ø: 1.26"/1.34"/1.42" - 32mm/34mm/36mm