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24K Gold "One to rule them all" Glans Ring

Cock Ring "One to rule them all" - Lotr 

If you are a fan, you must have one. 
An upgrade to our best seller "One to rule them all" steel glans ring - This glans ring comes coated with a layer of 24K Gold. 

It won't give you the invisibility power as the original ring, yet it will surely give you power augmentation capacities of it. Rise your sword and brace for battle - This ring will enhance your sexual experiences with new sensations down to the nerves. 

Not only a solo play ring,  a glans ring puts pressure on your penis head, it makes it larger and enhance the penetration, vaginal or anal. It is also great to stimulate the clit, as the cold gold provides a more intense experience.

More information on Glans rings benefits here: Glans rings benefits 

Material: Surgical grade Stainless Steel + 24K Gold plated 

3 Ring sizes to choose: 1.02'' / 26 mm - 1.1'' / 28 mm - 1.18'' / 30 mm

How to measure? 
Take a string and get the circumference of your cock, by going around the shaft, under the Glans. Mark the string with a pen and report to a ruler. Divide the measurement you get by 3.14. The answer you will get here is the inner diameter ring size. You can round it or add a couple of decimals so the ring is not as tight.

Important notice! The price is for 1 piece only. You will receive 1 piece of the size you have selected.