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Satan’s Crown - Goth Glans Ring

Glans Ring - Satan’s Crown

Well, fuck me dead! 
Crown your cock with this pure jewel of cold hard steel - and use it to bone any living souls around. 
Made for those worshipping the devil during sessions.

4 Penis/Glans Ring sizes: 1.02'' / 26 mm - 1.10'' / 28 mm - 1.18'' / 30 mm - 1.26'' / 32 mm

Surgical grade Stainless Steel

How to measure?

  1. Take measurements with tape or a string around your penis, below the head. 
  2. Now you have the circumference
  3. Divide the number by 3.14 to get the inside diameter ring size
  4. We recommend rounding it or adding a couple of decimals so the ring is not as tight.

Satan’s Crown Glans Ring is not recommended for use during anal sex.

Important notice! The price is for 1 piece only. You will receive 1 piece of the size you have selected.