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What is a butt plug?

A butt plug or anal plug is a sex toy that you insert in your anal cavity to - as its name suggests - plug your butt. Anal butt plugs are bulb-shaped with a tapered end for easy insertion and a flared base for easy removal. Since your anus is filled with countless nerve endings, anal sex toys stimulate these sensitive nerve endings to give you pleasure. Whatever you desire, simply slide the ass plugs up there and let it stay inside until you’re done playing!

Spare bulbs 🎱-Oxy-shop
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Spare Bulbs Plugs
Anal Minion Butt Plug -Oxy-shop
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Anal Minion - 6'' | 15.3 cm
$22.90 $28.90
Sword Dildo ⚔️-Oxy-shop
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The Last Jedi - 11.4'' / 29 cm
Butt Plug Leash Kit - Walk your sub by his ass-Oxy-shop
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''Ass on Leash'' - Walk your sub
from $36.90
2021 App Controlled Locking Butt Plug by QIUI
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2021 App Controlled Locking Butt Plug by QIUI
from $169.00 $199.00
Geisha Sword Big balls Dildo-Oxy-shop
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Geisha Sword - 11.4'' | 29 cm
Cock ring and Anal Plug 😍-Oxy-shop
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Cock Ring & Anal Plug ''Double trouble''
Anal plug and cock ring - Uninvited guest -Oxy-shop
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