3D printed Chastity training ring

Chastity training - 3D printed Chastity device

Do you want to experience the feel of a Cock ring mixt with an open chastity cage? We made it for you!
Perfect choice for those tipping a toe into the chastity journey. 

What makes this 3D printed Chastity training ring so special?

As it is made of sturdy Nylon material, this cage is lightweight, solid and  one of the most comfortable we ever made. The 3D chastity training ring has a matte finish and a slightly grainy feel. It fits short term sessions and long terms wear. Can be used in the shower. 

How to put it on?

  1. Pass your Balls & Penis in the main ring
  2. Attach the smaller ring by slipping you penis within. 
  3. Lock it together

Material: Nylon

SOLD WITH TWO RINGS:  1.65'' / 42mm ring  - 1.81'' / 46mm ring - 1.88'' / 48mm ring  - 2.08'' / 53mm ring - 2.36" / 60mm ring

Colors available: Pink - Black - Red - White 

Inner Diameter of Small ring: 1.25 " / 32 mm 

This item is made to order and 3D printed. Processing time might vary from 2 days to 8 days depending on orders volume.

3D printed chastity deviceHow to wear a chastity device