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3x Electro Shock Butt plug - 3 Sizes in one pack

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Electro Shock Butt plug - 3 Sizes in one pack 

This set of electro butt plugs has a unique take on what you might expect from an anal plug. It is connected to a (provided) electro box from wish you can control the intensity of shocks discharged inside the body. The electrical current delivers an added wow factor that brings more excitement to your foreplay.

The plug shapes provide accommodative bases and flared, tapered necks for all 3 sizes. This set is your ultimate secret weapon for a subs but-hole, plug it in a control the intensity of the shocks - for punishments or rewards. 

This butt plug is made with body-safe, non-porous ABS plastic. This material is hypoallergenic and compatible with all types of lubricant.

including 3 Sizes plugs as follow: 

S = 76mm length /21mm wide | 3 inch length / 0.8 inch wide
M = 143mm length / 42mm wide | 5.6 inch length / 1.65 inch wide
L = 132mm length / 50mm wide | 5.2 inch length / 1.96 inch wide