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Ball Barrel Divided Scrotum Stretcher / CBT Play

CBT Play - Ball Barrel Divided Scrotum Stretcher

At first glance it looks a bit like a mini robotic device. But this CBT Play - Ball Divided Scrotum Stretcher with a Ball Divider is a guaranteed source of fun times.

Imagine this:

Your sub is locked in this CBT device and after an hour session, you show him the keys. „I'm free“ he thinks. Well, well, well, not so fast, you are unlocking the cage just to tighten up the screws even more. Look at his miserable face once he realizes that Torture and Pain continues.

Material: Surgical grade Stainless Steel

Outside diameter, Inside diameter & Height:

1.95'' / 50 mm

1.25'' / 32 mm

1.38'' / 35 mm

Height of the Ball Divider:

1.5'' / 35 mm