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NC01 - 2.44'' / 62mm - New Curved ring

  • Comfortable chastity device with Curved ring

    We all know that being able to control your sexual urges is one of the hardest things out there. It's just our natural instinct, pretty much impossible to resist. 

    If you would really like to try Comfortable chastity device in order to be able to please your partner, few basic steps need to be done:

    1. Submit to their responsibility

    2. Get Chastity device for a small flaccid penis 

    3. Enjoy all the benefits

    If you even think about getting a hard one, it's pretty much impossible with this cock cage. Don't believe us?

    Cock Cage - NC01 - 2.44'' / 62mm lenght

    NEW Curved ring: 1.41 inch/36 mm - 1.57 inch/40 mm - 1.77 inch/45 mm - 1.97 inch/50 mm

    Cage total length : 2.44'' / 62mm

    Internal width : 1.3 inch/33 mm

    Material: High Quality Medical Grade Stainless Steel 316 L, no chrome plating, no rust guaranteed.

    To ensure proper fit, measure the width of your cock (take that measure at the base). Once you know your diameter, you can choose the size that will fit you the most, by its size and comfort.