OXY04 - Ball Stretcher

This versatile 0.35 lbs ball stretcher can be used on its own or be stacked to shape the most beautiful hanging balls.

Wearing a stretcher imitates that tightening sensation felt just prior to climax.
The wearer’s playmate will love the feeling of a stretched out sack banging against them during sex.

Wearing a stretcher enhances every touch, lick and tickle for the ultimate in sensual satisfaction. The softest stroke will have the wearer on the climactic verge. It will grant a much longer-lasting and incredibly powerful orgasm during play.

As size matters, all eyes will be on those impressive gems once they are fully hanging and stretched.

Ball Stretcher

How to Wear Ball Stretcher:

Touch the index finger and thumb around the scrotum between the body and balls push downward with gentle pressure. Add both sides of the stretcher around the pulled balls
Attach both parts with the bolts - tighten with the hex key provided

Advantages: Stackable / Durable / No Rust / Body Safe 

Dimensions: Inside diameter of 1.45” / Full diameter 2.24”
Weight: 0.35 Lb 

Included: 1 ball stretcher, 2 bolts, 1 hex key & a carry bag