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Pillar Ball stretcher - Easy Fit

Pillar Ball stretcher - Easy Fit

Stretch your sack over time!

Heavy Duty Pillar Ball stretcher - Easy Fit weighs around 420 grams which are going to make you experience supreme stimulation and stretching on your testicles.

Its clever design with slightly rounded edges won't pinch or chafe your ballsack. Pillar Ball stretcher - Easy Fit is completely comfortable to wear weather used on its own or stacked on top of each other. Get locked in an ergonomically designed ball stretcher for men with what we call a locking ball, which will prevent it from falling off.

Pillar Ball stretcher - Easy Fit made out of High quality Stainless steel 316L has a stunning shine, meaning it looks as good as it feels. Material is non-porous and extremely easy to clean. We've constructed with safety and satisfaction in mind and will last you a lifetime with minimal care.

Slide your balls in easy to wear ball stretcher

If you dreamed about intensified and prolonged orgasm when worn during sex play this ball stretcher for men is the device for you!

How to use: 

  • Simply slide your balls¬†
  • Lock the device with a locking ball
  • Wear until satisfied with¬†elongated scrotum


  • Ball diameter: 0.8 inch/20 mm

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