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★Spare part - Spare Tube for "HTV4 Gold"

HTV4 Gold- Spare Cage Tube

This Spare Cage tube fits HTV4 Gold and other HTV4 models

Chastity Spare Parts

Oxy-shop is the only shop offering spare Chastity Cage Tube sizes.

Chastity Cage Tube not fitting? Nothing to worry about! Order only the Cage, no need to get the whole device.

A great option if you will spend quite some time being locked in Holy Trainer and your Little Willy is getting smaller and smaller. Work your way down from Maxi, all the way to the Nub, and impress your keyholder/Mistress.

Made of Steel + Coated 24K Gold, Body-safe & Medical grade. 

Between 34mm (1.3") and 35mm (1.4")

Full Length
The Nub: : 60 mm (2.36 inch)
Nano: 80 mm (3.14 inch)
Small: 85 mm (3.34 inch)
Standard: 95 mm (3.74 inch)
Maxi: 105 mm (4.13 inch)

Inside the Tube Length
The Nub: 25 mm (0.98  inch)
Nano: 35 mm (1.37 inch)
Small: 40 mm (1.77 inch)
Standard: 50 mm (1.97 inch)
Maxi: 60 mm (2.40 inch)


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