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Stainless Steel Ball Smasher / Squeezer / Crusher

Ball Crusher - Stainless Steel CBT Equipment

For CBT enthusiasts, sometimes slow and steady is the best way to fully appreciate the unique sensations of scrotum torment. This Ball crusher CBT Equipment is screw style and ball squeeze gives you or your partner complete control over the pressure on your balls. Lock that sack in the vice and twist the screws to raise the hard, unyielding plate.


  • Medical Grade Stainless Steel


  • 350gr / 12.35 oz

Bottom flat plate dimensions:

  • 101.6 mm x 38.1 mm / 4′′ x 1.5′′

Internal diameter of Ball Ring:

  • 35 mm / 1.375′′ (1-3/8′′) 

Outer Dimensions:

  • 101.6 mm x 50.8 mm / 4′′ x 2′′

Length of Bolts:

  • 89mm / 3.5′′

Hex wrench for adjusting and tightening to preference is included.


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