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Twist Action - Nipple Suction cups - Multi Sizes

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Twist Action - Nipple Suction cups - Multi Sizes

  1. Comes in four different inner diameters to choose from
  2. Brings invigorating blood up to the surface of the skin
  3. Can be used all over the body for intense sensation play

The more you twist, the harder it sucks. Nipples come in different sizes and shapes thus we made it available for all! Use them on nipples, nipples with piercings or on clit - we guarantee a heightened sensitivity and a great visual feast. You’ll love the intense suction these twist action suction cups provide as your flesh swells before your eyes. 

The point is to make the nipples or clitoris more sensitive to touch. 

When you’re done with your suction cups, simply twist the knob in the opposite direction to release the pressure. To maintain a better seal around the cup ensure there is no hair in the area you wish to stimulate and line the rim with a little bit of water based lubricant.