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Versatile Anal Plug Trainer Set

Steel Butt Plug Set

Are you ready to start your Anal training? First, lube up your little hole since it doesn't produce natural lube. Use a liberal amount of lube all over your hollow entrance. When your butthole is wet and slippery enough, start slipping one of these plugs into your anus or use all of them. A key factor is to relax as the tip of the plug enters your backdoor. We recommend taking pauses when needed, then go all the way in when you feel comfortable.

Give yourself the most intense yet stimulating backdoor training. Grab this Versatile Anal Plug Trainer Set now!

Material: Stainless Steel 316L; Silicone


A: Total Length 4.48 inches/114 mm; Insertable Length 3.50 inches/89 mm; Widest point 1.37 inches/40 mm

B: Total Length 3.93 inches/100 mm; Insertable Length 3.00 inches/76 mm; Widest point 1.30 inches/33 mm

C: Total Length 3.50 inches/89 mm; Insertable Length 2.48 inches/63 mm; Widest point 1.00 inches/25 mm

D: Total Length 3.54 inches/90 mm; Insertable Length 2.48 inches/63 mm; Widest point 1.18 inches/30 mm


Steel Butt Plug Set