Imposed male chastity is all about the experience of denying your partner an orgasm, making him a perfect sub for all your wants and desires. Reducing his masculinity to a useless organ is a perfect way for submission, humiliation and service.Holding the key to someone’s sexual life is a power like no others! 

For many, the release at the end feels great. But what feels even better for most caged men is the build. The tease. The edge.And why not resist temptation by playing some kinky, fun chastity games? Discover below, ideas to spice up the locked down experience. Which ones tickle your fancy?


Why not try adding an arousing bit of chance to you or your partner’s time locked up. When it’s time to secure the crown jewels, the key holder can decide how many dice he/she should roll depending on their mood. If your well behaved you get to roll two dice or even a single die. If you’re a naughty slave you might be stuck with up to six!

The rules are simple: the caged partner rolls the dice, and the number that is rolled is the number of days he will stay in his cock cage before his next release.

To make it even more fun, you can use die of different colours with different outcomes. For example, the number rolled with a special die could be doubled. You could also have key master swap regular dice for four-sided ones if he’s been good or 10, 12 or even 20 sided dice for the caged partner who has been more naughty than usual. Use your imagination and let your creative juices flow.

dares: risk/reward

This chastity game is easy to play and involves risk and reward. It’s spontaneous fun that can quickly spiral into interesting situations. The overview of “Risk vs. Reward” is that your key master will create random challenges, questions, or requests throughout the day.It could be something like a challenge where you to take a 10 minute shower at the gym with your chastity cage on. If someone else sees it, you can be unlocked a day earlier. Is the embarrassment worth it in your mind?

lock thE chastity timely

For this game, you would need to acquire an Oxy Timer lock. Attach a compatible cage and set the time you desire! Once the timer is set there is no escape and the dom has absolute decisive power. The rest of the time the caged man is fully at your mercy, a timely pleasure of use or punishment.Alternatively, you can use the Timer lock for a box or a drawer, containing the Cock cage keys.


Here’s another fun way to give a caged partner some control over his orgasms while also adding a bit of chance to the mix.Arrange a bag with 10 black marbles and one red coloured marble. 

Every day, the caged partner is allowed to take one marble from the bag. If it’s black his lockup continues for one more day. However, if he draws a red marble then he gets his release. 


If you want to spice things up a little more you can introduce some other coloured marbles to the game. Imagine you pull out a yellow marble, which refers to your favourite toy. Or maybe you draw the purple marble, which means your not allowed to wear any pants that day.You don’t have to use marbles. You can experiment with other items such as buttons or chocolates. As long as they are small and different colours.

wheel of fortune (or misfortune)

The ultimate game of chance. 

Do you dare to leave the outcome of your orgasm to the fate of the wheel.This one involves a little more work but adds the sexy element of getting fully hands on and making your game from scratch.

You can easily make a spinning wheel together from paper or card.Or you can lock your partner up whilst they helplessly watch you cut the spinning wheel. Better still, task your slave to make it for you! 

Each section or colour on the wheel may represent a desired outcome of your choosing. Maybe yellow results in an orgasm via masturbation and red is an oral release. 

using an online key-holder

If there is no key master or partner available and at immediate disposal it is possible to use an online chastity key-holder. This is the ultimate way to release the inner submissive nature by giving up your sexual life to a complete stranger. This is also a great way to first try chastity games as it allows independent exploration. But be warned, you might just get hooked!

better of two evils

Fancy something with a little more pressure? Try this one, similar to Risk / Reward but with much more at stake. The challenges are more difficult and the humiliation levels higher. The caged partner may choose which of the two evils he may which to take on. Just be sure to make the evils equally challenging. The caged man must choose the better of the two evils to take on. Failure of both must result in punishment and success of either can result in great pleasure.

Chastity games add a little heat to the mix

These are just a few ideas for you to try but we are sure that you will deepen your bonds in the caged relationship. You can of course think of your own games and put your own twist on them more to suit your individual fetishes. If you do, be sure to share with us your creative chastity game adventures. How far will you go?
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