Top 5 Cock Cages - By Oxy

A chastity device is a type of garment that can be worn to prevent the wearer from having sexual intercourse or participating in any other sexual activities, including oral sex and manual stimulation. These devices are common in BDSM play and relationships. Submissive partners typically wear these devices as a means to give control of their sexual activities to their dominant partners. To ensure that a submissive does not remove the chastity device, it will usually be secured with a small padlock, to which the dominant holds the key.

Here is a breakdown of the Best Chastity devices of 2018. 

1) SHORT COCK CAGE - My little lad

CH33 -  Short - 1.77

One of our most popular cock cage models. This classic looking hand polished steel cock cage will keep it tight and securely locked up. It is better to feel confined in chastity than too loose, this cock cage satisfies most - for normal or small sizes penis.

2) Resine Cock cage - Mould into your willy

Resine Cock Cage - 4 Colors

The best seller. Same as the popular Holy Trainer, just 6 times cheaper. We use the same materials and the same ergonomic shape allowing short or long therm play.Lightweight chastity device assuring maximum security and comfort.

3) Steel Cage - A PERFECT FIT

CH09 -  1.77'' / 45mm - Catheter Option

Our third best seller, is this classic and comfortable steel cage. Not too small, not too big, it is the perfect size for your long therm chastity wear. Steel chastity devices have a more open design, with easier access for cleaning. Steel cages are very comfortable once you find a good fitting, there is less chafing with base ring. 

4) KALi's TEETH - Spike it up

Kali's Teeth - 2 Rows Golden Teeth - K01

Spiked up the experience and leave your Glans free for any interactions. Those toothed cock ring are steel shackles with spikes pointed inward for erotic sexual denial. 2 or 4 rows of pleasure teeth. Kali’s Teeth offers no quarter to your flesh puppet, and as the lock slides into place they will become utterly at your mercy. No erection allowed, or..a painful one.

5) double lock cage - double trouble

NC04 - New Curved Ring - 2 Integrated Padlock

This device is popular by his uniqueness. The two integrated padlocks allow you to open up for a freshen up or a clean up of your Glans. The shower Shower style tip is perfect for peeing and keeping it long therm.This device includes our new curved rings, which are comfortable and easy to wear for long therm play.

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