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Those models have been made in collaboration with the famous designer JosieLynn exclusively for Oxy-shop.

3D printed chastity devices 

For orgasm denial and preventing erections, a 3D printed chastity cage is some of the most comfortable chastity devices you can wear over a long period of time. Its smooth finish makes it comfortable to wear long term. Compared to stainless steel chastity devices, 3D printed chastity is a relatively lightweight chastity device that can be custom made to fit any penis size. 

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3D printed chastity cage accessories 

Besides conventional types of chastity that comprises a cage and a padlock or integrated lock, we also carry thiskeyless permalocker that requires assembling. Think of it as an adult lego sex toy! 

To complement your chastity cage, you can also add on accessories like a 3D printed chastity belt.

Our 3D printed custom chastity devices are made in collaboration with famous body jewellery designer Josie Lynn, who has a successful line of male chastity devices that are popular in the chastity community.

Why has the cherry keeper cage been so successful? 

The Cherry Keeper is a chastity device line by Josie Lynn. Its success can be attributed to the fact that his male chastity cages come in several different sizes and colours to fit every penis. 

Whether you’re hung like a horse or have a micropenis, there will be a Cherry Keeper cage for you.

As the cage, cock ring and integrated lock are sold separately, there are countless options for her Cherry Keeper rings that come in different measurements of ring profiles, ring shapes, diameter and angles so you’re sure to find one that fits you perfectly. Whether you want a single base or double base, flat or angled ring, the choice is all yours.

What materials are used for 3D printed male chastity? 

3D-printed male chastity is made of versatile plastic that’s a type of durable nylon plastic. It comes in 3 print settings:

Natural - This is the roughest surface and is not recommended for the product.

Processed - This has the texture of an eggshell as some material is removed for a smoother finish.
Premium - This has the smoothest, glossy, slippery texture that glides on your skin easily.

If you want to make your male chastity device smoother, you can smoothen it for 10 to15 minutes with 600-800 grit wet sandpaper.

Versatile Plastic is naturally white. However, we offer 3D printed chastity cages different colors like black, pink, red, purple, blue, and yellow.