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3D printed Chastity Sizing Rings - "Find your size"

Find your Chastity ring size

How many times did it happen that you order a Chastity device and the Chastity ring is not fitting the way you expected? Well, we decided to say "It is enough!".

Each Chastity Sizing Rings set is a group of four sizing rings of similar size in 0.08″/2mm diameter increments that can be used to help you find your most comfortable base ring diameter.

Note: The size labels of these sizing rings (Extra Small, Small, etc.) do not correspond to any other product, they are simply for grouping similarly sized ring

Extra Small
Ring Diameters: 1.42″/36mm, 1.50″/38mm, 1.57″/40mm, 1.65″/42mm

Ring Diameters: 1.57″/40mm, 1.65″/42mm, 1.73″/44mm, 1.81″/46mm

Ring Diameters: 1.73″/44mm, 1.81″/46mm, 1.89″/48mm, 1.97″/50mm

Ring Diameters: 1.89″/48mm, 1.97″/50mm, 2.05″/52mm, 2.13″/54mm

Extra Large
Ring Diameters: 2.05″/52mm, 2.13″/54mm, 2.21″/56mm, 2.28″/58mm

White Processed Versatile