Monthly Submissive Tasks Subscription

The one and only submissive tasks subscription service. 

Exclusively managed and monitored by Mistress Elena. 

Every weeks receive a list of tasks to perform and prove it has been done. Mistress Elena will monitor the obedience. All communication will be done strictly by emails. 

You love living on the edge on what is coming next? 

How does it work? 

  1. Enrol the program / 30 days money back warranty if you do not want to continue further.*
  2. You will have one to one communication with mistress Elena. The communication will be done by email to perform 7-10 tasks per months on random days. 
  3. All tasks competition will be monitored with specific pictures requests.

What happens if i do not obey and deliver in time? 

  • You will receive a first warning  period, the second punishment is to be banned for at least 2 weeks from the service. 

What kind of tasks will i be required to do? 

Examples below: 

  • Wear a thong to work, send a picture from office bathroom 
  • Write Mistress name on your body and keep it for a day 
  • Wear clothespins in a sensitive place
  • Go for a 3km run at 6am, do the last 200m on all fours. 
  • Write a poem about a specific topic. 
  • And much more! 

Spice up your life and be ready for a wild ride! 

How to make it even better? 

Mistress Elena will adapt the tasks depending on the toys you receive. 

For couples/partners = Spice up your relationship

Including a service of weekly tasks that must be recorded and will be commented on by mistress Elena only. We respect the privacy of everyone and those communications will be encrypted and secured only on Mistress Elena's mailbox.

What is the premium package? 

The premium package gives total control of your life. Texting is allowed, as is webcam monitoring and handling of your financials. 
Email for more info about this VIP treatment. 

*Once you start service and with the start of every new month a Full management service is not refundable.