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ProExtender Penis Extender

Penis ExtenderΒ 

ProExtender is a Penis Extender is clinically proven penis enlargement device for men who wish to add a few extra inches to their penis size without pills and penis surgery. Add 2 to 5 cm (0.8" to 2") length to your penis!

Difference with Dahan And MaxMan Extenders:

- Maxman Versus ProExtender: Only 2 Pair of rods for ProExtender- 1" & 2". Less levels of extension.

-Dahan Versus ProExtender: ProExtender has no carry pouch, adn a silicone tube for extension. While Dahan come's in a special carry case, and has two silicone straps for penis stability.

How does it work?

Proextender works by applying a constant stretch to the penis over time. This stretching action is a type of tension applied to the penis called "penile traction" which is the very basis behind the science of the Proextender. The penile traction process is not a painful experience it is a slight gentle tension applied over time. As a Proextender user, you get to chose how much tension you want to apply to your penis and how many hours you would like to use it.

How do I wear it?

Wearing the Proextender is both simple and comfortable. First add the necessary extention bars to accommodate your penis, then insert your penis, and apply the holding band around the head of your penis to hold it in place. Then set the tension level by rotating the adjuster.