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Pole Ball Crusher / Squeezer / Smasher

Pole Ball Squeezer- Ball torture device

Perfect choice if you are looking to spice up your CBT game!

Ball torture device - Pole Crusher will squeeze your Subs balls just the way they deserve it. Lock that sack in the vice and twist the screws to raise the hard, unyielding pole. Watch Subs face when he realizes you are not done with turning bolts until his balls all separated all the way. 

True ball torturing sensation with this CBT device is guaranteed.

Material: Surgical grade Stainless Steel


Internal diameter of Ball Ring: 1.33'' / 34 mm

Length of Pole: 5.51'' / 140 mm

Length of Bolts: 3.93'' / 100 mm

Weight : 250g / 8.81 oz

Buy the ultimate Pole Ball  Crusher /  Squeezer / Smasher by OXY


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Ball crusher
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